About Us

OCRA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

OCRA is the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer on all fronts while supporting patients and their families.

Our Impact

  • $110M+ invested to support scientific breakthroughs
  • $3.7B secured federal funding for research and education
  • 95K people supported each year

News & Updates

Our Community

Kimberly Richardson
When you connect the survivor to the research, you can see the hope. You can see, maybe not in my generation… this will help someone in my family!
Kimberly Richardson
Survivor & OCRA Research Advocate
Jonathan Sockolosky
After my mom died, I couldn’t shake this urge to do something big. I wanted to give back and keep her memory alive.
Jonathan Sockolosky
OCRA Hero & Cancer Researcher
Rugang Zhang Ph.D
I always believe, even if you save one life, you save a family. You save a lot of friends. You save a circle of people. It’s not about publishing the paper. It’s for sure not about getting another recognition. To potentially help these women, that’s what keeps me going.
Rugang Zhang Ph.D
Deputy Director of the Wistar Institute Cancer Center & OCRA Grantee